The OPZ is creator of the RyFy Zone.

About Us

Official Community Launch July 7th 2017

The Birth Of RyDyno and RyFy Zone.

August Facebook Arrives

Our Facebook Had 2 Team Members at the START. John G and Ryan W. Now it's ran by a community of people under the RyFy Zone. 

Friday the 13th October 2017

Friday the 13th Promotion was a huge success marking RZ on the map of horror. Now the blog has over 100,000 views for one quarter of a season and Bloody Disgusting Rates it TWISTED AS HELL >

Aylin [Special Guest]

Aylin was a special guest for the RyFy Zone that wrote 2 stories for the Short and Creepy Series. 


We will continue to make videos and we have a YouTube channel for the RyFy Zone. The Codez Series Is Telling You Something BUT WHAT?

Bring In The Blue > Bringing Justice

The RyFy Zone took a weird turn in direction of Justice in January of 2018. Now companies are feeling the wrath of  karma as corruption is being seized from a Robin Hood type cyber crusade that's cleaning out the dirty and making way for the clean >

All About Our Series!

#1 EvilDreamzzz (#1 is here) (October 2018 More To Come)

#2 Short and Creepy- (#8 Story Series) (There will be a Season 2)

#3 The RyFy Tribe Series (The Blow Up is UNREAL)

#4 We The Peeple (Already 2 in CHATZ!)

#5 Little Games We Play (Will wrap up a 3 parter)

More Series to Come ONLY at the RYFY ZONE. 

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